15 Best Bible Verse of the Day Apps in 2022

By David Small •  Updated: 01/19/22 •  10 min read

Bible verse of the day apps helps us create a Bible reading habit to increase our knowledge of God’s word. So are you looking to enhance your daily Bible reading?

Thankfully, several great Bible apps deliver inspiring Bible verses to you daily. I have carefully created a list of the 15 best verse of the day app in 2022 for your immersive experience.

With this must-have 15 best Bible verse of the day apps, you can also read God’s Word daily with intention. Additionally, you will increase your knowledge of the scripture as you explore the content of these great Bible apps.

Below are 15 Best Bible Verse of the Day Apps in 2022

1. King James Bible

King James Bible KJV App is a study tool made for your phone with daily verse and audio-books.

Secondly, with the help of this popular Bible App, you can study, share, and listen to passages in the King James Bible. Next, this app helps you study, pray, and understand different words in the Scripture.

Interestingly, you can use it without internet access. It also allows you to jump swiftly to the exact verse in the KJV translation with a simple design, as well as create your own collection of Bible verses, audio Bibles, and private notes.


  1. Access the app anytime anywhere by just swiping the screen corner.
  2. Inspiring Bible verse each day.
  3. Study KJV Bible Offline
  4. Easy verse copying and pasting
  5. Offline Audio Bible
  6. Search in the App with keywords
  7. Daily Bible verse which can be set to appear on the screen.
  8. Sharable Bible verses, and so on.

2. YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion Bible App is on more than 400 million mobile and desktop devices around the world. Millions of people are reading, watching, listening to, and sharing scripture daily using the YouVersion Bible App.

Meanwhile, this app is completely free, with over 1,400 Bible versions, and 1,000 plus languages. Next, you can listen to different audio Bibles, several thousands of Reading Plans, and devotionals in more than 40 languages.

Moreover, you can customize your mobile Bible with bookmarks, highlights, and private notes. You can also access everything online; download or select versions to read offline.


  1. Daily Bible verse
  2. Bible App with 40 plus languages
  3. Switch between over 1,400 Bible versions in 1,000 plus languages.
  4. Bible Verse of the Day widget
  5. Thousands of Devotionals
  6. Bible Reading Plans, and more.

3. Inspiring Bible Verses Daily

Reading Bible daily undoubtedly fills us with the power of the Holy Spirit. So to continue in the walk of faith, through the daily study of God’s word, you need to rekindle your love for God and stay connected to Him with this Bible App.

One, inspiring verse of the day app has daily Bible verses to keep you inspired 365 in a year. Two, it has devotions, prayers, commentaries, Bibles, as well as journals.


  1. Daily Bible verse
  2. Prayer for the verse of the day
  3. Inspirational devotionals
  4. Bible Reading plans
  5. Compare a scripture in different versions by parallel reading
  6. Swipe right or left to navigate past verses
  7. Commentary of the entire Scripture or Bible studies
  8. Simple scheduling reminder daily reminder
  9. Write Prayer Journals
  10. Share favorite Bible verses with friends, and so on.

4. Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse app delivers a scripture directly to your mobile device daily in a simple and easy-to-read layout. Secondly, the format of this app provides you with a short and meaningful daily Bible verse to inspire and keep you strengthened daily.

The scriptures chosen for each day’s verse have spiritual guidance within their context for a clearer understanding.


  1. Inspirational scriptures daily from the Bible.
  2. User scheduled daily notification of the verse of the day.
  3. Choose between King James Version (KJV), and New International Version (NIV).
  4. Save and share favorite scriptures.

5. Light Bible

Light Bible is simply a quick and free Bible app that delivers a scripture from the King James Bible every day. Secondly, the app makes the daily study of the Bible very seamless and enjoyable. Hence, you can read the Bible or listen to it daily.

This will without a doubt help you grow your faith daily. So you can get your mind inspired with God’s word. Therefore, I urge you to learn how to apply the Scripture to your life with the knowledge from this app.

Simply go ahead and download this best Bible app to get closer to God.

In sum, the Light Bible app is your best daily Bible verse companion because of all of the handy features it offers.


  1. Daily Bible verse
  2. King James Version (KJV)
  3. Swift navigation
  4. User-friendly

6. Daily Bible for Women & Devotion

This beautiful women’s Bible app is designed for ladies. First, it’s bright, fast, and a joyful companion in your daily bible study. Despite the many features, this Bible App is very easy to use, works perfectly offline and is free.

Secondly, it has Morning and Evening Devotion by C. H. Spurgeon – the eminent preacher. Thirdly, the app is user-friendly, easy navigation, and fast to get verse/book of the Women Study Bible.


7. Daily Bible Study

The Daily Bible app brings you very inspiring verses from the Scripture in popular Bible translations.

Meanwhile, you can further engage your time in the study of the scripture with a reading plan, devotions, and podcasts. You can also choose from seven Bible translations. More so, you have access to daily Bible verse; listen to Scriptures, and Bible reading plans.


  1. Daily Bible verse
  2. Popular Bible translations
  3. Bible reading plans
  4. Devotionals
  5. Podcasts and more.

8. Daily Bible Devotion

Daily Bible Devotion is a free Bible app that delivers daily Bible verses and inspirational devotions to your device.

The daily verses you receive are morning and evening Bible verses, including daily devotionals for every day of the year.


  1. Bible verse of the day
  2. Daily devotionals
  3. Encouraging scripture with each devotional
  4. A new devotional is delivered to you, twice a day
  5. Each devotion is short and uplifting
  6. New Bible trivia daily to test your Bible knowledge
  7. Bible humor that brings laughter to your day
  8. Save your favorite daily verse or devotional to read or reference later.
  9. Get notified when the daily devotional is available
  10. The Bible app allows you to select your preferred Bible translation.
  11. Light and dark mode
  12. Share devotionals with family and friends, and so on.

9. Pray.com: Bible & Daily Prayer

Pray.com gives you access to join millions of other Christians in experiencing a stronger faith thanks to the most beloved Christian app for daily Bible verse, daily prayer, meditation, bedtime Bible stories, and more.

Interestingly, the daily Bible verses, prayers, meditative prayers, devotionals, and Bible meditations will help you to develop a Christian mindfulness practice geared towards tackling every life’s challenge.

In addition, supplies you with Christian Podcasts, as well as Bible Reading plans.


  1. Daily prayers each morning
  2. Daily night prayers to help you go to sleep peacefully
  3. Learn the whole Bible with the Audio Bible Stories
  4. Enjoy the night with audio bedtime Bible stories
  5. Find peace with the Christian meditations
  6. Learn to pray with the prayer plans, and
  7. Find inspiration with great stories of faith from famous pastors around the world, and so on.

10. Words of Jesus Each Day

The words of Jesus Each Day are a top-notch Bible App that delivers scriptures to you daily. First, it delivers short Bible verses containing the words of Jesus to you daily.

Secondly, you can choose between different versions of the Bible, and even have the audio read-aloud to you.

Next, the app allows you to share the Bible verse, and other scripture with friends and family via email, text message, as well as popular social media sites.

11. Morning and Evening Devotional

Morning and Evening Devotional by C. Spurgeon is a Daily Bible Devotional App that’s both free and features that work offline. In this app, you also find daily Bible verses, Bible Reading Plans, Audio Bible, and more.

Meanwhile, this devotional has a meditation for morning and evening for every day of the year. Although the devotions are very short in length, they are filled with spiritual goodness.

In just a few minutes, C.H. Spurgeon conveys the wisdom of God’s word with purpose. The daily messages provide you with the strength you need to start and end each day.

\Lastly, Spurgeon weaves a verse of the Bible into each devotional, thereby helping you draw deeper meaning out of the selected passages.

12. KingdomNomic

KingdomNomic is a popular daily verse app that offers daily scriptures, free books, daily reflections, and more. Two, the app provides you with insights on how to experience a life of impact.

Three, the resources from this app will keep you encouraged with inspirational verses from God’s Word that are linked to related articles.

Next, it has eight devotional series that you can choose from to help you focus daily on the biblical principles that will aid your spiritual growth.

Lastly, but most interestingly, as you engage with the app and explore the content, you will be able to keep track of the progress you have made over time.

13. Bible Gateway App

Bible Gateway App is a free daily verse, Bible reading, listening, and learning app from BibleGateway.com. This special Bible app delivers a verse for the day.

It also makes it easy for you to read, study, listen to, and understand the Bible. With Bible Gateway App, you also have access to a whole lot of soul-enriching Christian resources that will keep your spiritual life growing daily.


  1. Daily Bible Verse in the translation of your choice.
  2. More than 90 different Bible translations
  3. Over 20 audio Bibles, in English, Spanish, Arabic, and other translations.
  4. Quickly search the Bible for a verse or passage with a keyword.
  5. Follow one of the different scripture reading plans to journey through the Word of God.
  6. Learn more about any scripture passage with a library of trustworthy Bibles, commentaries, as well as other references.
  7. Take personal notes, highlight texts, bookmark your favorite verses, and so on.

14. Bible Home – Daily Bible Study

Bible Home is a launcher app that keeps God’s Word and the Gospel within your reach every day.

First, you can customize your home screen to give you very quick access to your favorite Bible verses, verse of the day, daily devotionals, and Bible reading plans to aid you in Bible study, prayer, and keeping your mind bountiful with God’s Word.


  1. Verse of the day to inspire you
  2. Easy access to the Bible for daily reading
  3. Reading guides to help you keep track of your progress and find new insights.
  4. Adjustable text size based on your preference to make your reading easy.
  5. Bookmark, share verse and the scripture that inspire you, and more.

15. Bible Verse of the Day: Daily Prayer, Meditation

Bible verse of the day is a super fast and free offline Bible verse app for your daily study.

First, it allows you to stay connected with God and get an immersive experience with various scripture verses. Secondly, you can access Bible verses and almost all the features without an internet connection.


  1. Bible Verse of the day
  2. Read verse by choosing the category
  3. Start your day right with the Scripture
  4. Experience the immersive Bible prayer with various verses and improve your relationship with God.
  5. Easily locate the daily scripture verse in one second by swiping the screen.
  6. Share Verse with ease, and more.

In conclusion

Increasing the knowledge of God’s Word is unarguably one of the best ways to grow as a believer. Have you been lagging in the study of the Bible? Use the above 15 best verse of the day apps in 2022 to find Bible verses to keep your heart inspired.

David Small

Is an Ordained Minister and Life Coach. He is an ordained minister since 1988. Shortly after receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he answered the call to ministry.

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