Top 15 Captivating Apps for Daily Bible Verses

By David Small •  Updated: 03/24/21 •  12 min read

Do you know apps for daily Bible verses will certainly help you in your quest for a deeper relationship with God?

Regular study and meditation of God’s Word is unarguably one of the ways to grow spiritually.

Likewise, developing the habit of reading and meditating on the Scripture daily is without a doubt another way to build your faith,  rekindle your love for Jesus, and stay connected to God.

This, therefore, makes daily Bible verse apps very essential when you want to increase the knowledge of God’s Word.

To this end, I picked these 15 apps for daily Bible verses to help you get better acquainted with God’s Word.

What is the Bible Verse of the Day App?

The “Bible Verse of the Day” app is a mobile application that provides users with a daily Bible verse along with reflections, commentary, and sometimes additional resources such as devotional content, prayers, and inspirational quotes.

This app is designed to help individuals engage with the Scriptures on a daily basis and find spiritual inspiration, guidance, and encouragement.

Different versions of this app might be available on various platforms, such as iOS and Android, and they may offer features like sharing verses, setting reminders, and exploring related content.

Keep in mind that there are several apps available with similar names and functionalities, so be sure to read reviews and explore the features to find the one that suits your preferences and spiritual needs the best.

So here is a list of 15 apps for daily Bible verses that will certainly help you to increase in knowledge of Scripture.

  1. The Bible App (YouVersion)

The Bible App Free surprisingly has over 400 million active installations from around the world.

There’s definitely a lot of hype from the millions of users of the YouVersion of this incredible Bible app.

People are literally reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible every day using more of YouVersion app almost more than any other Bible app.

That’s right, it’s one of the most popular Bible apps and it’s undoubtedly one of the best Bible apps for daily verses.  Here’s the best part – this extraordinary Bible app is completely free.


  1. Bible Verse of the Day: Daily Prayer & Meditation

Bible verse of the day is a fast, light, free offline Bible verse tool for your daily study.

It allows you to stay connected with God with daily Bible verses. You will also get an immersive experience for your daily prayer.

Bible verse of the day is basically free, it’s an offline Bible tool that you can learn, receive, and share daily Bible verses with.

So you can actually start your day on a meaningful note with a Bible verse. And you can grow in God’s word together with friends when you decide to share these daily Bible verses with friends.


  1. Inspiring Bible Verses Daily

Inspiring Bible Verses Daily surprisingly has over 6,000 reviews and more than 1 million downloads.

Evidently, it’s a one-stop app for daily verses as well as prayers, devotion, commentary, journal, and Bible.

Hence, you can be inspired by reading a Bible Verse daily and you can also share these daily verses with beautiful and inspirational pictures.

Meanwhile, these Bible verses are basically for strength, faith, and wisdom.

On the whole, this app is well suited to men, women, and kids too especially for personal study as well as Bible study.


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  1. Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse mobile app delivers a verse of the Scripture to your mobile device every day in a simple and easy-to-read layout.

All in all, it delivers a concise verse to load you with inspiration as well as strengthen you daily.

In addition, the verse chosen for each day’s scripture has spiritual guidance for a clearer understanding.

App features include:

  1. Daily Bible Devotion

Daily Bible Devotion has more than 41,000 reviews and over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Although Daily Bible Devotion is a devotional app, it also delivers daily Bible verses.

As well as helpful applications. Thus, you can start and end your day meditating on God’s word.

You can also memorize the verses effortlessly with the help of the clean Bible humor feature in the app.


  1. Light Bible Daily Verses

Light Bible Daily Verses is a quick and free Bible app that delivers new Bible verses from the King James Bible to you each day.

Secondly, the app encourages you to study the Bible for just 21 minutes every day. You’ll also learn how to apply Scriptures to your life.

I specifically love the fact that the Bible app has badges. These are clearly little awards for reaching a milestone on your Bible study journey such as reading the Bible daily.

Additionally, the progress record on the home page tracks how many consecutive days you’ve been interacting with the Scripture. To that end, I’d say that this app serves as a perfect tool for building a stronger relationship with God.


  1. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway App is undeniably one of the best and most popular Bible apps with 33, 000 reviews and more than 1 million downloads.

The app delivers daily verses full of inspiration, truth, and wisdom. It is generally easy to read, hear, study, and understand the Bible, with the Bible Gateway app.

The fact that you can read your daily verse in more than 90 different Bible translations makes it all the more exciting.


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  1. Daily Bible

Daily Bible App is a free offline Bible focused on helping Christians read and study the Scripture every day.

This app is basically a daily verse app that delivers a Scripture to your device daily.

It is evidently a habit-forming Christian King James Bible app that is simple, inspirational, and easy to follow.


  1. King James – Free Bible Verses

Bible KJV App is a daily verse Bible study tool with audiobooks too. With the help of this Bible app, you can study, read, share and listen to the King James Bible along with receiving daily verses.

In addition, it is one app that helps you pray and understand different words in the Bible. All of the features can be used offline.

It also has a simple design that allows you to create your own Bible verse collection, audio Bibles, and private notes. With this app, you can be sure of an immersive Bible verse reading experience.


  1. Daily Bible Verse & Devotion

Daily Bible Verse and Devotion app provides daily Bible verses from the King James Version as well as quotes.

It also introduces you to encouraging and easy-to-understand Scripture throughout the day.

These Inspiring Bible verses and quotes too are available in English and Spanish.

The Bible quotes are specifically designed to give you a broad view of the power in God’s Word across the entire Bible.


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  1. Daily Bible Study

Daily Bible Study app has Bible verse of the day, reading plans,  Bible devotional, audio podcasts, and more.

This app brings you inspiring verses from the Bible in the translation of your choice. And there are other resources so that you can further engage the Bible beyond receiving daily scripture.


  1. Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread devotional is one of the most popular Christian as well as daily Bible verse and devotion apps.

It is significantly read by millions of people around the world. More so, daily Bible verses, devotionals, and readings are available in many languages.


  1. Bible Offline + Daily Verse

Bible Offline app + Daily Verse has 828, 000 reviews and more than 10 million downloads.

It is a King James Version app that is unquestionably one of the most popular Bible apps.

As well as a great daily verse app. It is surprisingly available in more than 100 million devices around the world.

The main translation of this Bible app is the King James Version, but you can choose other versions like CSB and NIV Bible.

In addition, this great app is an evangelism tool to present Jesus to people and teach about the Scripture.


  1. Bible Promise Box

The promise Box is one of the most beautiful daily Bible verse apps that I have come across.

It clearly has more than 500,000 downloads. With this lovely app, you can start your day with an inspiring Bible verse that will literally bring you relief and comfort.


  1. Best Bible Verses by Topic

Best Bible Verses by Topic has over 3,000 reviews and more than 500,000 downloads.

Most of the popular apps daily Bible verses are basically about inspiration, healing, faith, and more.



Your knowledge of the truth will get better with any of the above listed15 apps for daily Bible verses.

I, therefore, encourage you to download a handful of these apps and begin the journey of getting to know God more personally through His Word.

These Bible apps will certainly help you take your walk with God to the next level. In sum, I urge you to explore these apps with absolute liberty.

David Small

Is an Ordained Minister and Life Coach. He is an ordained minister since 1988. Shortly after receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he answered the call to ministry.

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